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Open Water Training Dives - Checkout Dives

Have you already completed the pool and classroom components of your Open Water SCUBA Certification? Come do your checkout dives in Ocean City, MD off our boat! Our checkout dives are done on a shallow natural wreck full of life at depths of 20 to 30 ft in the warmer surface thermocline only requiring a 3mil wetsuit during the summer!

For Component 3 - Open Water Training Dives - Checkout Dives

No matter where you decide to do your PADI Open Water Training Dives - Checkout Dives, they will always consist of 4 dives over two days. We do things a little different then most training facilities. Most dive shops will pack you in a class with 10-15 other students and have you do your checkouts in a muddy lake or quarry - and they charge you extra to use the gear and charge you a quarry entrance fee.

We take you to a real shipwreck off our boat in the ocean and you are 1 on 1 with an instructor. Its a private class in real conditions, its a different level of training.

Tanks, Weights, BCD, and Regs are included in the course tuition!

What To Bring: Mask, Fins with booties, Snorkel, Full Body Wetsuit, Gloves, Referral Paperwork, and Signed Forms

Please also bring a knife/dive tool and one or more emergency signal device (whistle, flare, or signal tube).

To schedule your checkout dives, please email info@ocdiveboat.com.
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