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Ocean City Wreck Dive Sites   |   Zone Map

Use the links below to view the wrecks in each Zone:

Fenwick Shoals  |   Zone 1  |   Zone 2  |   Zone 3  |   Zone 4  |   Zone 5

Currently Showing Zone 3 Wrecks

Zone 3: This zone is about 15 Miles offshore of Ocean City Inlet and ranges from 55-85 feet in depth.

*Advanced Certification w/50 logged dives (2 within the last 30 days), cold water, open ocean & low viz experience required (OR) Advanced Certification w/30 logged dives AND previous Ocean City diving experience within the last 12 months and 2 dives within the last 30 days. No shakedown dives.

African Queen
Zone 3 / Depth: 70-80 ft
One of our more popular wreck dives, the African Queen is a 590 ft oil tanker which ran aground off Ocean City, Maryland. A tug was able to tow the stern to dry-dock, but the bow was never recovered and lies upside down in the sand. It is home to large lobster and fish.
Mako Shlok
Zone 3 / Depth: 60-70 ft
The Mako Shlok wreck is a broken up steel wreck with lots of debris over the wreck providing many hiding spots for fish and lobster.
J.R. Martin Tug
Zone 3 / Depth: 70-80 ft
A 70 Foot Tug located near the African Queen Wreck, the deck of this wreck is broken up with lots of cool holes and hiding spots for fish and lobster.
South Ledges (Navy Barges)
Zone 3 / Depth: 55-70 ft
A large area that consists of two large artificial reefs next to each other. The top of the wrecks are flat with lobster blocks, sea grass and reef which provides a home for an abundant amount of life.
Pendord Reef
Zone 3 / Depth: 70-80 ft
Part of the Maryland Artificial Reef Program, this medium sized barge sits near the African Queen Wreck and is home to a diverse marine habitat. Small swim-through and cutouts make this wreck a great spot for finding lobsters and spearfishing.
USS Blenny (SS-324) Submarine
Zone 3 / Depth: 70-80 ft
A 311 ft Balao-class submarine built during World War II which saw action in Korea as well as WWII. The USS Blenny saw service until she was retired and sunk as part of the Maryland Artificial Reef Program.
The Boom Wreck
Zone 3 / Depth: 70-80 ft
The Boom Wreck is laying upright in 70 ft of water. She rests with a heavy list to port. The two fishing booms are still on the wreck, one reaches out from the bow like a bowsprit while the other hangs off the port side into the sand. In the bow there is an open hatch with a ladder leading down which is in need of future exploration. A larger hatch, probably for fish, is in the center of the ship. Numerous large winches are still attached to the deck. Mussels, coral, and other sea life cover the wreck.

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