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Ocean City Wreck Dive Sites   |   Zone Map

Use the links below to view the wrecks in each Zone:

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Currently Showing Zone 4 Wrecks

Zone 4: This zone ranges from 15-20 Miles offshore of Ocean City Inlet and ranges from 80-120 feet in depth.

*Advanced Certification w/60 logged dives (2 within the last 30 days), deep water AND previous Ocean City diving experience required. No shakedown dives.

Zone 4 / Depth: 80-85 ft
A 120 foot long merchant ship with 30ft of relief covered with mussels and other life is one of the more interesting wrecks off Ocean City. The Sussex has huge holes and swim-throughs that are great for exploring and spearfishing!
Zone 4 / Depth: 80-110 ft
A World War I casualty, the 322 ft coal-fired steam freighter Saetia was sank by the German Submarine U-117. This is the outer most of the so called "Twin Wrecks".
Arthur T. Hall
Zone 4 / Depth: 80-110 ft
Perfectly intact, the 165 ft buoy tender ship sits upright with plenty of places to explore including the engine room and the forecastle. One of the cooler wrecks off Ocean City, the Arthur T. Hall is a wreck not to miss.
Zone 4 / Depth: 80-110 ft
The Washingtonian was a freighter carrying cargo of sugar from Honolulu, Hawaii. She sank in 1915 due to a collision with the Elizabeth Palmer. Divers can swim right through the bow section which is a hang out for large schools of fish. Built: 1914, Length: 407 ft
Screw Wreck
Zone 4 / Depth: 80 ft
The Screw Wreck is a divers playground! She was a WWI 200+ ft vessel that sank upside down in 80 ft of water onto a hard sand bottom. This wreck is a great place for lobster hunting and tog fishing.
Gordon C Cooke (aka Porthole Wreck)
Zone 4 / Depth: 70-90 ft
The Gordon C Cooke (aka Porthole Wreck) is a bulky freighter that sank in 1946, this wreck hold many still undiscovered brass portholes that are highly collectible amongst us divers. Great spot for spearfishing and lobsters as well!
H Buoy Wrecks (aka Sandy's Anchor Wreck / H Bar)
Zone 4 / Depth: 80-90 ft
Large broken up unidentified wooden wrecks. Great spearfishing and lots of cubby holes for lobsters.
Elizabeth Palmer
Zone 4 / Depth: 70-80 ft
Wooden five-masted schooner, one of the largest American sailing vessels of her time. Sank in collision with the Washingtonian. Built: 1903. Sank: 1915. Length: 300 ft. Long rows of low lying ribs with good hiding places for lobster and tautog.
Zone 4 / Depth: 70 ft
Iron hulled U.S. Navy tug which foundered at sea. Built: 1865. Sunk: 1910. Length: 137 ft. Good "bug" catchers can usually find a lobster if they try. The ribs of the bow are very apparent and are of good relief, but it has started to disintegrate in recent years.
Zone 4 / Depth: 80-90 ft
Passenger-freighter which sank in collision with the schooner Agnes Manning. Built: 1879. Sank: 1889. Length: 228 ft. Most of the wreck is flat to the bottom with the hull plates collapsed outward. Two big anchors remain at the bow with the engines and boilers obvious and squares of the cargo holds clearly discernible. A good digging wreck as well as a good lobster wreck.

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