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Underwater Hunter Spearfishing Course

Learn how to safely and effectively catch fish underwater using a speargun in this one day spearfishing course.

Course tuition includes wreck diving charter, instruction and use of our spearguns.

*Advanced Certification w/20 logged dives (2 within the last 12 months), cold water, open ocean & low viz experience required

This course is available on most charters, please email us to schedule a date that fits your schedule.


You must bring all your own dive gear in good working order when you come to dive. In addition to your gear, please also bring a timing device, depth gauge, compass, knife/dive tool, and one or more emergency signal device such as a whistle, flare, or signal tube. Pony bottles are highly suggested.

Prerequisites - Advanced Certification w/20 logged dives, open ocean, cold water & low viz experience required

** NOTE: Students who have never dove in Ocean City should come out for a regular zone charter dive prior to your course date to get acclimated to the dive conditions, temperature, and visibility. This course is NOT a guided dive.

Anybody who arrives at the boat the morning of a trip without the proper certification will not be permitted to dive and will not be offered a refund.

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